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With the proliferation of touchscreens, sketching has become a much easier undertaking for many – we can sketch on phones, tablets and even watches. Research on sketches has consequently flourished in recent years, both in terms of the number of publications and their quality (e.g., Best Demo in ICCV’15 and Best Science Paper in BMVC’15).

Interests are shared by a diverse range of research areas, including cognitive science, human computer interaction, computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning and biometrics. The objectives of this workshop are to bring together researchers exploring the parsing, matching, recognizing and understanding of human-generated sketches with a view to consolidating insights and encouraging cross-fertilisation of ideas.

This half-day workshop calls for high-quality works, unpublished, work-in-progress and previously published, related to visual analysis of sketches. Submissions of unpublished work should conform to the ECCV 2016 proceedings style. Papers must be submitted online through the ECCV 2016 CMT submission system at https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/VASE2016 and will be subject to a double-blind review process.

We encourage novel work on the analysis and synthesis of all forms of visual abstraction from simple free-hand sketches to paintings and detailed technical drawings. A non-exhaustive list of topics of interest covered by this workshop include:

  • Sketch Recognition/Classification
  • Sketch-Based Image/Video Retrieval
  • Analysis and Synthesis of Visual Abstractions, including sketches and artworks
  • Deep Learning and Network Design for Sketch
  • Transfer Learning e.g. between the domains of sketch and photographs
  • Sketch-Based Modelling and 3D Model Retrieval
  • Recognition of and analysis of gesture in drawing
  • Forensic Applications of Sketch
  • Facial Sketches
  • Sketch for Human Computer Interaction
  • Sketch for Concept Design
  • Sketch for Learning and Education